Special Services Department » LIFT Goals / Objectives

LIFT Goals / Objectives

1.   Acquire research methods and skills

2.   Communicate effectively on meaningful social issues

3.   Develop divergent thinking skills to include fluent, flexible, original, and elaborate thinking

4.   Identify internal feelings and develop a realistic concept of self:  strengths, weaknesses and potential

5.   Acquire the necessary skills and attitudes for participation in creative and futuristic problem solving

6.   Develop logical and critical thinking skills

7.   Develop higher cognitive processes to include application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation

8.   Acquire knowledge about and experiences in realistic career and educational opportunities

9.   Develop decision-making skills and coping skills through futuristic studies

10.  Learn through independent study, group discussions, inquiry, simulations, etc.

11.  Take more responsibility for their learning through  leadership and self-managed individualized instruction

12.  Experience and value the diversity of cultures and individuals in society

13.  Based upon information in the Individualized Management Plans, student will be provided differentiated instruction and activities

14.  Affective activities and counseling services will be provided through  group and individual sessions

15.  Needs of at-risk students will be addressed through collaboration of teachers and parents