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About the Technology Department

The Technology Department is responsible for the planning, installation, and support of the District’s technology. We manage devices from hand-held devices to large file and application servers, and everything in between. We work hard to design and maintain a network that allows students, faculty, and staff to have quick, reliable, and safe access to the data we need to enhance education.

We research, review, and recommend technology to help teachers enhance instruction in the classroom, such as student workstations, LCD projectors, interactive whiteboards, Chromebooks, and more.

We’re always looking for ways to make technology a helpful tool and not a hindrance to all our stakeholders: students, teachers, administrators and the community.

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What We Do

  • Hardware/software support
  • Network maintenance
  • Web/SPAM filtering
  • Online forms
  • District and school websites
  • Fixed assets
  • Purchasing
  • MSIS/SAM Spectra (State Reporting)
  • Cisco telephones
Google Account Managers
  MPKP - Dewonda Wells
  MPUE - Courtney Parker
  MMS - Taborah Farmer
  MPHS - Justine Sens
SAM Spectra/MSIS Account Managers
Erin Ayala
Trista Ratliff
Brian Bowman
Review 360 Account Managers 
Gennette Kimber
Blaine Stiger
Cecilia Ballard 
Brian Bowman
Fixed Asset and Employee Forms

Contact Information

profile picture of brian bowman
Mr. Brian Bowman
Technology Supervisor

3524 Prentiss Avenue
Moss Point, MS 39563
Phone: (228) 475-1233
Ext. 2030
Fax: (228) 474-3310

Technology Staff

profile picture of bobby sloan
Network Administrator
Bobby Sloan
(228) 475-1233
Extension: 2031
profile picture of trista ratliff
Project Manager/District Property Officer
Trista Ratliff 
(228) 475-1233

Extension: 2033

profile picture of janelle rivera 
PC Technician
Janelle Rivera
(228) 475-1233

Extension: 2034


profile picture of grenita dubose
PC Technician
Grenita Dubose-Turk 
(228) 475-1233

Extension: 2038

profile picture of erin ayala 
Software and Online Support
Erin Ayala
(228) 475-1233
Extension: 2032