The “ALL INto Reading” campaign is well underway and please take a moment and ask someone “What are you reading?” Find a book drop box throughout the community and donate a book. Please remember to encourage students to read at every available moment. 

…What are you reading?#allin#mpsd    

  • Clarify district flow of information
  • Provide ongoing training and support for administrators in effective communication with staff and the community
  • Provide regular information on district-wide concerns
  • Create a system to encourage the flow of information from parents/community to the district
  • Publish and distribute district information
  • Communicate with civic, community and religious groups
  • Be visible in the community
  • Promote the successes of Moss Point School District
  • Keep Communications Simple
  • Create Information Sheets
  • Communicate Early and Often
  • Communicate Face-to-Face
  • Keep Communications Brief and to the Point
  • Emphasize Customer Service
  • Train Staff
  • Develop Relationships with our Community
  • Study the Media
  • Prepare our Messages
Emergency Preparedness Information